Nemes…a Dominican kid from Queens and child to a married immigrant couple from Dominican Republic. He grew up in Queens New York hearing Hip Hop legends like Biggie, Nas, Pun, Eminem, 50 Cent and Method Man pumping through speakers of his disc-man or from the radio at home when his mom wasn't around. Nemes grew up with his 2 siblings in numerous neighborhoods of Queens from Corona, to Woodhaven, to Richmond Hill, with the final stop being South Side Jamaica Queens. He grew up in a household where there was no father and his mother was heavily religious and working up to 3 jobs at a time just to keep the lights on.

Most of the time Nemes found himself stuck in the house daydreaming of one day being one of the greatest hip hop legends to ever live. He vowed he would get his mom and siblings out of the hood by ways of a recording contract. He was so captivated by the way Biggie flowed over beats, and the way Method Man made noises & moved his arms in a wild but creative manner. He would collect every album from any Hip Hop artist that dropped, like if they were action figures. At the age of 14 he started trying his hand at writing some rhymes of his own. As the years went by he taught himself not only how to write rhymes, but He also taught himself what bars, punchlines, and hooks were. He learned that he could use Hip hop as a place where he could let out all the years of depression, pain, and suffering he's always Suffered from. Before he knew it he had notebooks and 100's of loose pages with writings all over it like if he had gone lyrically insane!

Sometime in 2005 He decided to go to a studio and start recording. What happened next can surely be seen as what most of us would describe as when the MAGIC; first happened (while recording a song called Dirty Harry). It sounded just like every other rapper he had ever heard. Like this rap thing he used to dream about could now actually be a reality. He did a couple of local venues and the reaction was exactly what he needed to push forward. When 2006 arrived, even though he was dealing with legal situations & street issues, Nemes dropped "Atomic Weight" (a mixtape hosted by Dj Kay Slay which is now on Datpiff and Soundcloud). The reviews and response from the world were crazy enough to know he had something worth pushing to the world.

So far Nemes has won numerous competitions and has opened up for major acts like Styles P from the Lox, J.R. Writer from Dipset, and Corey Gunz. He has won a trip to the Bahamas, radio spins at Power 105 with DJ Envy & Respect the Grind Ent., and on Desert Storm’s Internet radio with DJ Gyvis & DJ Culture. He has also won free recording time at Quad Studios in Manhattan. He continued writing and forming songs that were more then just songs, this kid was pushing out hit after hit until he completed his first EP called Thought’s of A Skitzofrenic; (where he storytells thru different personalities from the view of a Skitzofrenic person).

Nemes continues to evolve and continues to dream. The one thing Nemes does know is that this “Unsigned Hype” will be one of the biggest and most highly anticipated Hip Hop artist to ever hit and take the rap world by storm. Trust me when I tell you this kid is going to cause one hell of a f**king frenzy!!!